Running out of room? Think you need a bigger trailer? Try these E-Track wood beam sockets first. These handy little additions expand your trailer’s space and functionality.

They’re the easiest and most affordable way to create shelves and storage space in your box truck or cargo van. They’re also the simplest way to create DIY furniture for your trailer.

Simply click two sockets into E-Track slots on opposite trailer walls.

Insert a standard 2x4 piece of lumber between the two sockets.

Voila! you’ve created a DIY cargo bar that you can adjust or remove completely as needed.

Here are some of the most popular uses:

Sturdy Shelving

Place a 3/4"-thick piece of plywood or OSB over two boards and you've built a sturdy shelf.

Adjust the shelves as necessary. Remove them entirely when you need to make room for bulky cargo.

Tire Rack

Create a DIY tire rack. Add racks as needed.

Extra Storage Space

Create false attics or elevated floors. Use for extra storage space.

Removable Workbench

Create the perfect workspace for when you are on a worksite. When you're done for the day and ready to pack up your equipment, simply click the bench out.

DIY Tables

Create an instant eating area.


These beds are sturdy enough so they can easily hold your weight. Raise the bed during the day and roll your bike or four-wheeler right underneath.