6 Easy Steps

Guest Post By: Rob Harris of Classic Carpet Care

Getting E-Track installed is one of the most important mods you can do in your cargo van. Once E-Track is installed along the walls of your van, you can utilize all that vertical space to haul equipment. If you need to, you can remove accessories and shelves or reposition them so you can haul different equipment depending on the job. It's totally configurable, kind of like playing with LEGO.

Follow along as I show you how to install E-Track in your cargo van.

Step 1: Decide If You'll Add Walls

Adding walls will protect the exterior of your van from getting dented by your load or tools. It will also strengthen the E-Track installation, since you’ll be adding supports to the trailer frame.

If you're only carrying pallets, you might decide not to add walls, but if you're going to be hanging tools on the van, we'd recommend adding walls to protect the van's exterior walls. Most van owners choose 1/2" plywood as their wall material.

Step 2: Determine Screw Length

You’ll want to measure the depth of the frame in multiple places, as the clearance depth is different in different places of the van.

Tip: To measure the clearance depth, stick a measuring tape through the small holes in the inner frame until it hits the outer frame.

Step 3: Add Additional Support

Since a van doesn’t have vertical supports every 16” or so like a trailer does, you’ll need to add that support. Use metal flat bar (recommended) or wooden 2x4s to create support bars. The heavier the load you plan on carrying, the more supports you’ll want to add.

Attach the bars vertically directly to the existing frame over the window cutouts. Use flat-head self-tapping screws.

Step 4: Trace and Cut the Walls

Use a paper template to cut the paneling to the proper dimensions.

Step 5: Install the Walls

Use flat-headed screws so the E-Track can be placed flush against the walls.

Step 6: Attach E-Track to Walls

Position your rails so that they hit as many support beams as possible. The more support beams your rails hit, the stronger your installation will be.

Rob Harris is a DC Cargo Mall Customer and the owner of Classic Carpet Care, located in Modesto, California.