E-Track straps have become the industry standard for hauling cargo. They’re the simplest and most reliable tie-downs for securing cargo on trucks and trailers.

When it comes to securing bikes, motorcycles, ATVs and kayaks, E-Track cam buckle straps are a popular choice. There’s no risk of them crushing cargo, and they can be easily tightened with just one hand. (Click here for a PDF version of this guide)

To use, simply insert the E-Track fitting into a slot so the strap is around your cargo. Then pull on the loose end of the strap until the strap is tight.

Fold the excess webbing and tuck it under the strap to keep it out of the way.

To release the cam buckle, depress the cam latch...

… and pull on the adjustable side.

Be sure that the straps are dry before storing. Consider storing in an E-Track bag or toolbox to keep the straps accessible and safe.