85"-96" E Track Shoring Beam Load Bar For Trailer, Aluminum

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Keep cargo secure & prevents injury and damage during transit.


  • Strong aluminum construction secures loads of all sizes
  • Clicks into E-Track rails for easy and secure mounting
  • Adjustable Length: 85" - 96". WLL: 2000 lb.
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Length 85" - 96"
Adjustable Length 85" - 96"
Width 3.24"
Depth 2.62"
Color Silver
Material Aluminum
WLL (lb.) 2000
ABS (lb.) 6000
Mounting style E-Track

E-TrackShoring Beam Load Lock For Trailers

Unsecured cargo lying around an enclosed van or trailer is likely to get ruined from rocky roads, sudden stops, and contact with other cargo. E-Track cargo bars are designed to restrain freight during transit with little effort. Once an E-Track rail system is installed in your trailer, these shoring beams can be mounted in moments, making E-Track shoring beams fantastically easy to use.

E-Fitted Cargo Bar Decking Beam

E-Track shoring beams have a spring fitting at each end. Simply insert the fittings into slots on opposite E tracks. To remove, press the lever on each fitting and slide out. The levers are easy to press with just a slight pressure and can be done easily even when wearing utility gloves.

85" - 96" Long Aluminum E-TrackCargo Beam

These tough aluminum E-Track cargo bar shoring beams are adjustable in length from 85" to 96". They have an assembly break strength of 6,000 lb. and a working load limit of 2,000 lb.