9" Natural Rubber Tarp Tie-Down Straps - 50

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These straps keep your tarps securely tied down on the road. Compatible with all tarp types


  • Made of strong, yet stretchy rubber, best for cooler climates
  • Length: 9". S-hook attachment
  • Multipack. Quantity: 50
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Length 9"
Color Black
Material Natural Rubber
End Fitting S hook
Quantity 50

50 Natural Rubber Tie-Down Straps For Cold Weather Resistance, 9" Each

Go natural when keeping your tarp down on your flatbed truck. Sub-zero climates are not ideal for carrying around large quantities of expensive cargo. Feel secure by keeping your load covered and protected via tarps and rubber tarp straps.

Rings line the entirety of your tarp allowing for convenient tarp strap hook ups in whatever amount and pattern suits your load best. Each end of these rubber tarp tie-downs features a robust metal S-Hook for latching, making for easy attachment but tight grasping.

These natural rubber tarp straps have extreme pliability and a smooth silken feel. These rubber bungee straps are the best securing option for cold climates and frigid winter months, as natural rubber stretches far and will not crack and split in colder conditions. Unlike EPDM tarp straps, which are best for hot climates, natural rubber tarp straps will also return to their normal length after being stretched quicker than an EPDM strap. Cold temperatures do not affect this natural rubber material so your tarp straps will stay strong and durable for years of hauling.

For hot climates and warm summer months, you may want to consider the 10" EPDM synthetic rubber strap instead, which has high heat resistance and no risk of melting.

Whether you are covering cargo on a open flatbed truck or a pickup truck with an open bed, your best bet for strapping your tarp down securely is with our rubber tarp bungees. Tarp straps are multipurpose tie-downs, and can also be used inside the interior van of an enclosed cargo trailer for securing lightweight items to the walls. The S-Hooks on the ends of these rubber straps can be attached to any sort of D-Ring anchor point or circle ring E-Track fittings. These straps don't have a verified working load limit, however. So they should only be used inside a trailer for utility purposes like for organizing or for covering up cargo with a tarp to protect it from dust or debris. See our Ratchet Straps for more heavy duty straps with high working load limits.

Tarp Straps In Bulk

These 9" tarp straps are small in stature and are typically used in multiples for every tarp securing situation. They can be used to hold down steel tarps, vinyl taps, Lumber tarps and more. Please note that these rubber straps are shipped in boxes of 50.

Tarp Tie-Down Rubber Bungee Strap Size Selecting

These 9 inch straps are the smallest length of rubber tarp tie-down we have available and are easy to maneuver. Hook them up to the loops on the edge of your flatbed tarp using the sturdy S-Hooks at each end of these tarp bungee tie-down straps. Longer tarp tie-down bungees, be it the 15 inch rubber tarp strap, 21 inch rubber bungee strap, or the 31 inch tarp tie-down will come in handy depending on the type and size of your cargo, the size of your truck, as well as your method of hooking up our tarp straps to the tarp. Whether you choose to use these smaller 9" tarp hookups, or larger, longer tarp tie-downs, stock up on your winter rubber tarp tie-down bungees - available at the lowest wholesale pricing online here at DC Cargo Mall!