1/2" Forged Heavy-Duty Bolt-On D-Ring, Gold - 4,000 lbs.

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Strong tie-down point to secure any cargo. Perfect for trucks, trailers or anywhere you need to keep stuff in place.


  • Galvanized steel, 4000 lbs. WLL
  • Ring inner clearance: 2 1/2". Bolts down
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Ring Diameter 1/2"
Width 3 1/2"
Color Gold
Material Steel
Finish Galvanized
WLL (lb.) 4000
ABS (lb.) 12000
Bond Type Bolt
Inner length 2 1/2"
Length 3 1/2"
Quantity 1


D-rings are not designed for overhead lifting; use as a tie-down anchor only.

1/2" Bolt-On D-Ring Anchor, Gold

To secure cargo with tie-down straps or chains, you need dependable tie-down points. Our D rings make the perfect tie-down anchors for all freight loads. They are reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

This gold-colored bolt-down D ring is made of 1/2" thick solid steel. At 31/2" wide and 31/2" long, it can be installed in tight spots on any vehicle. A bolt-down clip is included to allow for easy installation and removal. The working load limit of this D ring is 4,000 lb. and should not be exceeded so be sure to confirm that the collective tie-down working limit is above the weight of the load you are hauling.

California Residents: WARNING