1.5" E Track Mounting Hex Washer Head Wood Screws (10 Pack)

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The essential installation hardware for E-Track rails.


  • Compatible with any of our E-Track rails. Recommended for wood
  • #14 hex-top with standard tip
  • Length: 1 1/2" Quantity: 10
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Length 1 1/2"
Fastener Length 1 1/2"
Diameter (Screws) #14
Material Steel
Finish Galvanized
Screw tip Standard
Head Style Hex/flat
Quantity 10

E-TrackTrailer Tie-Down System Installation Fasteners

Your E-Track cargo system needs sound installation in order to properly perform its function as your primary cargo tie-down system. Use these hex washer head wood screws to ensure the track is affixed tightly to the wall or floor of your wooden truck, trailer, or van.

Durable Hex Washer Head Screws

These hex washer head wood screws are 1.5" long. They have a diameter of #14 that will fit perfectly into the holes along the sides of E-Track rails and are employed with a 3/8" drive. Their hex heads make them easy to fasten and remove with everyday screwdrivers and drills. The screws have attached washers which help distribute the pressure of the bond, preventing damage to the screw and surface while gripping the E-Track firmly to the surface.

E-TrackWood Screws - 10 Pack

These 1.5" long E-Track hex washer head wood screws are zinc-plated to increase corrosion- and rust- resistance, allowing them to live longer and maintain your E track's security for years. They come in packs of 10. These fasteners are also available with 3/4" long bolts.


How To Install E-Track Rails

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