1" Heavy-duty Forged D-Ring With Weld-On Clip (6" X 5")

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Strong tie-down point to secure any cargo. Perfect for trucks, trailers or anywhere you need to keep stuff in place.


  • Forged steel, 15600 lbs. WLL
  • Ring inner clearance: 4". Welds down
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Length 6"
Ring Diameter 1"
Width 5"
Color Grey
Material Steel
WLL (lb.) 15600
ABS (lb.) 46800
Bond Type Weld
Inner length 4"


D-rings are not designed for overhead lifting; use as a tie-down anchor only.


  • Industrial-strength anchor point for heavy vehicles and machinery
  • Weld-on mounting bracket provides the strongest possible hold
  • Forged-steel construction for maximum durability
  • Rotates easily to give you multiple strapping angles

1" Diameter Heavy-Duty Weld-On D-Ring

When you need confidence that your cargo is securely anchored, you can rely on this super heavy-duty D ring to tie-down your heaviest freight. This forged black D ring is made of solid steel 1" thick and has an extra-long length of 6". It comes with a weld-on clip so you can securely bond it to any metal surface. The outstanding work load limit of 15,600 lb. makes it suitable for anchoring loads of heavy machinery and vehicles. The same D ring is available here in with a length of 5" and here with a bent D ring; we also have many other bolt-down, weld-on, and recessed flush mount D rings available.