V Board 12" Cargo Corner Protector Guard

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Protects cargo from getting crushed, and protects straps from sharp edges.


  • Ultra-durable, yet flexible enough to withstand tension
  • Grooves keep strap in place. Fits straps up to 4"
  • Width: 12", Height: 8.25". Fits straps up to 4"
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Width 12"
Depth 8 1/4
Color Red
Material Plastic
Fits strap size (max) 4"

V Board Strap And Freight Cushion

Hauling freight on a flatbed can be risky. Logistic strap tautness and wild elements can easily crush exposed cargo and load sharpness may cut tie-down straps and tarps. V board corner protectors are user-friendly cargo guards that will unfailingly shelter freight and insulate straps. They are smooth and hard, ensuring complete strap protection.

Why Use Cargo Corner Protectors

This 12" long V board edge guard extends 8" over the top and down the side of the load. It is made of a durable plastic that will stand as a buffer for the cargo, protecting it from crumbling under strain from tie-down straps and chains. It is also an essential tool that ensures strap longevity, redistributing the pressure of the tie-down over the whole board and eliminating the common wear that so often renders tie-down straps worthless to cargo securement.

Sharp edges and protruding corners are a hazard to people, so use V Board cargo edge guards to avoid workers' injuries and possible lawsuits. By using a V Board edge protector, you will satisfy your federal requirement to use an edge protection that 'resists abrasion, cutting, and crushing' in a case where 'a tie-down would be subject to abrasion or cutting at the point where it touches an article of cargo'. See FMCSA § 393.104 for further details.