15" Natural Rubber Tie-down Straps W/ S-hooks - 50

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These straps keep your tarps securely tied down on the road. Compatible with all tarp types


  • Made of strong, yet stretchy rubber, best for cooler climates
  • Length: 15". S-hook attachment
  • Multipack. Quantity: 50
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Length 15"
Color Black
Material Natural Rubber
End Fitting S hook
Quantity 50

Natural Rubber Tarp Strap Advantages

Weather is an unavoidable and unpredictable element that truckers and cargo haulers must deal with on a daily basis. While your flatbed truck, pickup, or cargo trailer is on the road, your precious cargo is exposed to nature, no matter what part of the country you are driving through or what time of year it is. Goods can get soggy from the rain or snow, melted and faded from scalding heat, frozen or cracked from the icy cold...the list goes on. A tarp is a necessity that every driver must have on hand to cover and protect their load from the forces of nature, and from dust, dirt, and flying debris which can damage cargo when driving on the interstate at a high speed.

Whether you use a vinyl tarp, steel tarp, lumber tarp, or any other kind of flatbed tarp cover - you need tarp straps in order to keep your tarp down and to secure it tightly around your cargo. Tarp straps, also called rubber bungees or rubber tie- downs, are simple in design but extremely effective in functionality. A stretchy piece of rubber is paired with sturdy metal zinc plated S-hooks on each end. Any flatbed tarp you buy comes with rows of D-ring or circle ring anchor points that usually run around the perimeter of the tarp, and in several rows across the middle of the tarp. These rings serve as anchor points for the S-hooks on tarp straps. And the large amount of D-ring attachment points on a tarp gives you the flexibility to tie-down your tarp in various ways. Even a large truck tarp can work to tie-down a small amount of cargo or just a few pallets. Simply cover your cargo with your tarp, making sure that the side with the D-rings is facing up. Then use rubber tarp straps to secure the tarp around your cargo by hooking up one end of the strap, wrapping it around the corner or over the top of your load. Then secure the other end of the tarp strap into a different anchor ring. By using several tarp bungee straps in different locations and in different configurations, the cargo you are hauling on your truck should be securely covered by the tarp, and the tarp will not budge, even when driving at high speeds.

Natural Rubber Bungees For Sale

Please note that these rubber tarp straps are shipped in boxes of 50.

Which Type Of Rubber Bungee Tie-Down Should I Buy?

Now comes the decision of what type of tarp strap to buy. Natural rubber tarp straps, such as this 15 inch strap, allow you the highest stretch capacity when securing your flatbed tarp. The fluid nature of natural rubber tie-down straps makes them the perfect match for the extreme temperatures of winter. After stretching, these rubber bungees will morph right back into their previously concentrated length without cracking or tearing. Because of their resistance to freezing temperatures, natural rubber bungees are recommended for truckers who are driving in cold, northern climates, or for anyone needing to hold down a tarp in the winter time. These 15 inch natural rubber bungee straps are a standard length that works for most applications. But our rubber tarp straps are available in a shorter 9" length, as well as longer lengths like 21" or 31" so you can choose the perfect fit for you. Choose the size you prefer considering the weight, size, and type of cargo you are hauling.

If you will be driving in a hot climate or in the high heat of summer, you should consider buying our 15" EPDM tarp strap instead. Unlike natural rubber, EPDM will not melt or lose its shape in hot temperatures and is not affected by UV rays. If you do a wide range of driving across various climates, you should have both EPDM and natural rubber tarp straps on hand. Owning both natural rubber tie-downs as well as EPDM straps will keep both summer and winter loads protected according to their weather needs.

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