1/2" Forged D-Ring Tie-Down With Weld-on Clip

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Strong tie-down point to secure any cargo. Perfect for trucks, trailers or anywhere you need to keep stuff in place.


  • Heavy-duty ring can endure harsh use and will last a lifetime
  • Forged steel, 4000 lbs. WLL
  • Ring inner clearance: 2 1/2". Welds down
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Length 3 1/2"
Ring Diameter 1/2"
Width 3 3/8"
Color Grey
Material Steel
WLL (lb.) 4000
ABS (lb.) 12000
Bond Type Weld
Inner length 2 1/2"


D-rings are not designed for overhead lifting; use as a tie-down anchor only.


  • Heavy duty anchor point for hauling cars, ATVs, and heavy equipment
  • Weld-on mounting bracket provides the strongest possible hold
  • Forged-steel construction for maximum durability
  • Rotates easily to give you multiple strapping angles
  • Surface mount for easy access

1/2" Diameter Weld-On D-Ring Cargo Anchor

This 1/2" diameter forged D-ring serves as a reliable anchor point for all your cargo tie down needs. It is relatively lightweight yet still has an impressive assembly break strength of 12,000 lb. and a working load limit of 4,000 lb. It comes with a weld-on clip and needs to be welded to a metal surface. There is also a bolt-down option with the same working load limit available in grey, silver, and gold finishes.

This dependable D-ring tie-down is a perfectly versatile and effective cargo tie-down accessory. It is made of solid steel that can endure harsh use and will last a lifetime. Check out our complete selection of bolt-down, weld-on, and recessed pan fitting D-rings.

Installing Flush Surface Mount Round Recessed Pan Fitting D-Ring

To install, use a hole saw and/or chisel to create a circular pit that is 1" deep with a diameter of 4-3/8". Place the D-ring pan into the hole and fasten with bolts or screws in the four pre-drilled holes in the pan rim corners. This D-ring recessed pan fitting has a rim that is 1" wide and 1/8" thick, creating an entire flush mount D-ring with a diameter of 61/4". The 360° rotating D-ring has a clearance of 3" x 1-1/2". It is made of 1/4" thick steel.