2" E-Track Tie-down O-Ring Fitting, Heavy Duty, 10 Pack

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Use this heavy-duty ring to create a strong tie-down point wherever you need one. Clicks into the E-Track rail.


  • Use with any strap or rope to secure cargo
  • Rugged steel construction. WLL: 2000 lb.
  • Ring inner clearance: 1 1/2". Multipack. Quantity: 10
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Color Gold
Material Steel
WLL (lb.) 2000
ABS (lb.) 6000
Quantity 10

If you want to lock cargo with a simple rope, S-hook strap, or any kind of restraint without an E fitting, these reliable heavy-duty E-Track O-Ring tie-downs are just what will enable you to do so quickly. Once an E-Track is fastened to the wall of your trailer or truck, you can easily rely on straps or rope to hold any cargo in its position, with the aid of these small but heavy-duty O-Ring tie-downs.

Simply press the lever on the E-Track fitting and insert the hook into an E-Track slot. You can insert ratchet straps with S hooks, or tie simple ropes through the 2" O-Ring. Wrap a strap or rope around your cargo, and hook the other end into another E-Track tie-down clipped further down the E-Track rail or on another track.

These convenient 2" heavy-duty E-Track tie-down O-Rings are finished in silver and has an assembly break strength of 6,000 lb. and a work load limit of 2,000 lb. They are made of solid steel that can endure harsh use and will last a lifetime. All products with E-Track fittings are compatible with A tracks as well.

These E-Track O-Rings are also available in standard duty.