2" X 10' E-Track Retractable Ratchet Straps 2 Pack

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SKU: 210RRET-2

Quickly secure motorcycles, wheelchairs, and other cargo to your truck or trailer with retractable ratchet straps for E-Track


  • Straps stay retracted for quick, neat loading
  • E-Track ends clip easily in and out of E-Track slots
  • Length: 10' WLL: 1000 lbs. Multipack. Quantity: 2
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Length 120"
Fastener Length 1 3/4"
Width 2"
Color Black
Material Polyester
Metal Parts Zinc plated steel
WLL (lb.) 1000
ABS (lb.) 3000
Strap Type Ratchet
End Fitting E-Track fittings
Fixed End Length 11
Quantity 2


The weight of the cargo should not exceed the combined working load limit of the straps. For example, use 2 straps with a WLL of 500 lb. each to safely secure a 1000 lb. load.


  • Extra strap automatically retracts so there are no loose ends to deal with.
  • Strap stays tensioned so you can load cargo with a few, quick moves of the ratchet.
  • Strap winds up in its housing for neat, compact storage.
  • E-Track fittings click in and out of E-Track slots for easy installation.
  • Heavy-duty ratcheting mechanism holds cargo tightly.
  • Zinc-plated for corrosion-resistance
  • Seat-belt-quality polyester webbing
  • Wide, easy-grip ratchet handle

Load Your Wheeler In 40 Seconds

This unique strap combines retractable strap features with the E-Track system to get you on the road lightning fast. Simply click it into an E-Track slot, pull the strap out over your cargo, and click in the other side. Ratchet a few, quick times to tighten, and you’re on your way.

Neater Hauling. Neater Storage.

Pull out only as much strap as you need to secure your cargo. The rest of the strap stays wound up in its housing. When you’re done, press the red button and the strap automatically winds up into itself to create a neat, compact storage case. It stays tangle-free, ready for the next ride.

Straps You Can Rely On

Heavy-duty steel ratchets hold cargo down in a budge-free hold. And E-Track straps stay locked into E-Track slots until you remove them. Made from 2 in. seat-belt-quality webbing and zinc-plated steel parts, these straps will hold your cargo tight for thousands of miles.


How To Use Retractable Ratchet Straps