2" X 27' Ratcheting Tie-down Cargo Strap With Wire Double J-hooks - 2 Pack

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Use this industrial-grade ratchet strap to secure heavy-duty equipment to your truck bed or trailer.


  • Heavy-duty 2" polyester straps have a WLL of 3335 lb.
  • Wire J-hooks provide a strong connection to D-rings and other anchor points
  • Multipack. Quantity: 2
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Length 27'
Width 2"
Color Yellow
Material Polyester
WLL (lb.) 3335
ABS (lb.) 10005
Strap Type Ratchet
End Fitting Wire/Double J hook
Quantity 2

Top Quality Durable Tie-Down Straps Are Essential To Operate Smoothly And Safely.

Moving houses with all your worldly possessions in your truck, taking your motorcycle along with you on a family camping trip, tying down farm machines to help your neighbor work his property, securing cargo pallets and boxes for deliveries - tie-downs are a crucial part of your life and livelihood.

This strap can be used for securement on walls and floors in enclosed trucks, cargo vans, pickup truck beds, flatbed and utility trailers, semis, and garages.

The wire J-hooks on this ratcheting tie-down cargo strap can be inserted into E-Track rings and hooks, recessed D ring pan fittings, bolt-on and welded D-rings, chain anchors, and other cargo anchors.

Each strap has a breaking strength of 10,000 pounds and a safe working load limit of 3,333 pounds.

Made out of superior, heavy duty polyester webbing (that's industry talk for strap material) that won't tear or stretch, can withstand UV rays, and won't fall apart when wet. The workmanship is precise and reliable. These are the tie-downs so many truckers and everyday folks rely on!

Invest In The Best.

DC Cargo Mall is the manufacturer of this 2"x27' ratcheting cargo tie-down strap and we know our stuff.

How To Use This Tie-Down Ratcheting Cargo Strap

  1. Open The Ratchet By Pressing The Lever On The Handle and lifting the handle.
  2. Slide the loose strap end through the bar on the handle and fold it over.
  3. Insert the double J-hook end fittings into cargo tie-down anchors.
  4. Pull the slack strap all the way through and pump the ratchet to tighten the strap as much as possible.
  5. Use a V board if you need to protect your cargo or to cushion your strap from a sharp-ended load.
  6. Close the ratchet all the way to lock it in place.