31" Natural Rubber Tarp Straps With S-Hooks - 50

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These straps keep your tarps securely tied down on the road. Compatible with all tarp types


  • Made of strong, yet stretchy rubber, best for cooler climates
  • Length: 31". S-hook attachment
  • Multipack. Quantity: 50
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Length 31"
Color Black
Material Natural Rubber
End Fitting S hook
Quantity 50

50 Natural Rubber Tarp Straps

Securing your tarp onto the flatbed is now a cinch with the rubber tarp straps from DC Cargo Mall. This 31 inch strap in natural rubber is one of our longer tarp tie-down options.

Weather is unavoidable with goods-hauling, as trucks take the road and loads are left susceptible to heat, cold, ice, wind, uv rays and more. A tarp shelters and defends your load on the flatbed from these forces of nature. And tarp straps a necessary in order to keep your tarp tied down and securely wrapped around your cargo.

These tarp bungees are made of natural rubber built to last under the pressure of ice, snow, or any other extreme winter weather conditions. Colder temperatures can cause molecular structures to condense and lead to shrinkage - but even after slight shrinking due to freezing, this strap will revert back to its soft springy configuration without cracking in the process.

If you are typically driving in hot climates, our EPDM synthetic rubber tarp straps will be best for you. UV rays and high temperatures cause tarp straps to stretch, but EPDM straps will bounce back to their original length and shape once temperatures cool down a bit. And because of the unique man-made polymers which EPDM is made of, the stretching that occurs does not cause any permanent damage or make the strap weaker. Keep both Natural and EPDM tarp straps on hand to be prepared to face any climate.

The Tarp And The Tarp Strap

These tarp straps are easy to use and are compatible with any type of tarp - vinyl, lumber, steel tarps and more. After covering the goods on the back of your open flatbed truck with your tarp, just hook the s-hook ends of these straps into the D-ring anchor points adorning your tarp. Then wrap the strap over and around certain parts of your tarp covered cargo, and hook the other end of the tarp strap to another D-Ring. Rest assured that your precious cargo will sit tight under the security of these straps.

Buy Rubber Tarp Tiedown Bungees In Bulk

Most tarp tie-down applications require multiple rubber bungee cords - but the lengths and quantities of tarp straps required will vary for each person. That's why we sell flatbed tarp straps as single units, so you can customize your order with the exact amount you need of each size. Please note that these tarp straps are shipped in boxes of 50. Possessing both natural rubber tie0downs as well as EPDM straps will preserve both summer and winter loads according to their weather needs.

These 31 inch straps are on the longer side, and can easily wrap around corners and larger loads. For shorter tarp straps, we offer a 9" tarp strap, a 15" bungee tie-down and a 21" - so you can customize the strap size you need to match your load. Your decision of strap size selection should be based upon considering the weight, size, and type of cargo you are hauling. Easy installation awaits: arrange the S-Hooks of your tie-down bungee straps to the rings sprinkled along the entirety of the tarp. Both ends of the rubber bungees feature steel reliable S-Hooks for safe attachment.