3/4" Forged D-Ring Tie-down With Weld-On Clip - 9,000 lbs.

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Strong tie-down point to secure any cargo. Perfect for trucks, trailers or anywhere you need to keep stuff in place.


  • Heavy-duty ring can endure harsh use and will last a lifetime
  • Forged steel, 9000 lbs. WLL
  • Ring inner clearance: 3 3/32". Welds down
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Length 4.52"
Ring Diameter 3/4"
Width 4.58"
Color Grey
Material Steel
WLL (lb.) 9000
ABS (lb.) 27000
Bond Type Weld
Inner length 3 3/32"


D-rings are not designed for overhead lifting; use as a tie-down anchor only.


  • Industrial-strength anchor point for heavy vehicles and machinery
  • Weld-on mounting bracket provides the strongest possible hold
  • Forged-steel construction for maximum durability
  • Rotates easily to give you multiple strapping angles

3/4" Forged D-Ring With Weld-On Clip

D rings provide solid anchorship for all cargo tie-downs including chains, ratchet straps, tarp straps, etc. This grey D-ring has a remarkable working load limit of 9,000 lb., allowing it accommodate tractors and other heavy freight. The solid steel ring is 3/4" thick and comes with a clip that allows the ring to be welded to metal surfaces for the most reliable bond.

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3/8" Forged D Ring - Weld-on Lashing Ring
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