40" - 70" Load Lock Cargo Bar

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Keeps cargo secure and tightly in place.


  • Perfect for a pickup truck bed
  • Ratchets tight, with rubber pads for a secure hold
  • Adjustable Length: 40" - 70"
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Length 40" - 70"
Adjustable Length 40" - 70"
Color Black
Material Steel

Cargo Bar Load Lock

Whether you use your truck to transport furniture for your new home, sports equipment to the field, or coolers and fishing supplies on your camping trip, you can rely on this cargo bar to keep your freight protected during the ride.

This cargo load lock is a long tube made of strong, durable steel that will bear all the elements of a bumpy drive in rough nature. It has two black 2" x 4" foot pads, one at each end, which get clamped onto the parallel walls of the truck bed. This bond means installation of this cargo lock bar is simple and fast. Just press one end pad firmly against the wall, place the other foot on the opposite wall, and pump the ratchet to tighten. Do not make the load bar too short or it will drop when the pressure is applied to the truck walls, pushing them wider. To test your load lock, put pressure on one or both truck walls; if the bar does not budge, it is stable.

Adjustable Pickup Truck Load Bar

The length of this suction load lock is adjustable from 40" to 70"; the ratchet can be pumped to tighten and release tension. Aside from being used as a cargo lock, multiple bars can be used to create a storage system in your truck bed. Simply place several cargo bars at various intervals in the truck bed and organize your freight between them.