48" Vee Board Cargo Load Edge Protector Bumper

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Protects cargo from getting crushed, and protects straps from sharp edges.


  • Ultra-durable, yet flexible enough to withstand tension
  • Width: 48", Height: 8". Fits straps up to 4"
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Width 48"
Depth 8"
Color Red
Material Plastic
Fits strap size (max) 4"

V Board Corner Protector Function

Flatbed loads of fragile items such as insulation and foam are at high risk of damage from impact and strap tension. Smooth and tough V board corner protector guards, when set under straps over load edges, greatly reduce those risks. This V board edge protector is 48" long, allowing it to protect large crates' edges. It is made of a durable plastic that will not submit to impact and will not crack when cold or melt while hot. This plastic V board corner guard can conform to the shape of the load it shelters and then snap back to its right-angle. Best of all, the 48" V board load protector does an outstanding performance of its job in protecting cargo and tie-downs. It removes the pressure of the tie-down strap and distributes it over the full board; this reduces the impression on the load edges, preventing the cargo from becoming crushed and reducing the wear on the strap, thereby lengthening its lifespan.

Advantage Of V Board Cargo Edge Protector Guards

The full 48" clearance of this V boards means heightened cargo load edge protection, perfect for crates, rolled roofing, shingles, and all other cargo loads you might haul. For loads where covers are employed, using V board edge cushions is highly recommended to prevent cuts on valuable tarps. V boards help you fulfill your requirement to use an edge protection that 'resists abrasion, cutting, and crushing' in a case where 'a tie-down would be subject to abrasion or cutting at the point where it touches an article of cargo'. (See FMCSA § 393.104 for further details.)