Boat Gunwale Tie Downs, Retractable 2 Pack

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SKU: 238RRBO-2

Secure your boat to your trailer quickly and easily with this bolt-on retractable gunwale tie down


  • Retractable strap stays tensioned for easy loading and storage
  • Bolt-on design for permanent mount to your trailer
  • Fits gunwale rails 2" wide or less WLL: 833 lbs. Multipack. Quantity: 2
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Length 38"
Fastener Length 1 3/4"
Width 2"
Color Black
Material Polyester
Metal Parts Zinc plated steel
WLL (lb.) 833
ABS (lb.) 2500
Mounting style Bolt-On
Strap Type Ratchet
End Fitting Gunwale hook
Bolt Hole Diameter 1/2"
Hook Inner Clearance 2"
Quantity 2


The weight of the boat should not exceed the combined working load limit of the straps. For example, use 2 straps with a WLL of 833 lb. each to safely secure a 1666 lb. boat.


  • Automatically retracts to make loading and unloading a snap
  • Steel ratchets and seatbelt-quality webbing hold boat securely
  • Vinyl-coated gunwale hook protects your boat’s finish
  • Rubber-coated handle is easy to grip and operate
  • Permanent, one-bolt installation (bolt included)
  • Easier to use than straps that go over the boat
  • Ideal for drift boats, jet skis, rafts, and other boats with gunwales 2" wide or less

Tie Down Your Boat in Less Than 40 Seconds

These straps mount onto the trailer frame so they’re always there when you need them. Pull them out, hook them to the boat, ratchet tight, and off you go. No messing with straps or worrying about them coming loose. And they release with a simple push of a button.

No Wear and Tear on Your Boat

A full gunwale strap that goes over the boat can squeeze the sides together and squash the boat. These gunwale straps avoid that issue by pulling only in a downward direction on the side of the boat. Plus, only the vinyl-coated hooks touch the boat, so they’ll never mar the finish.

Keep Your Boat in Place on Rough Roads

Seatbelt quality 2 in. webbing and strong steel ratchets restrict your boat from vertical movement and from sliding side to side. Keep your boat secure at highway speeds.


How To Use Retractable Ratchet Straps