E-Track Mesh Hanging Organizer (Wide)

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E-Track hanging organizer keeps travel essentials accessible to transform your hauling experience.


  • Features 5 mesh pockets, 14 loops, 1 pen holder, and 2 paper towel holders
  • Durable, weather-resistant organizer
  • Clips easily in and out of E-Track so items can be moved as needed
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Width 34"
Color Blue
Material Polyester
Mounting style E-Track
Quantity 1

Keep Everyday Essentials Organized

When you’re unwinding after a long day on the road you need your personal belongings within easy reach. This durable hanging organizer features 5 mesh pockets, 14 loops, and two paper towel holders to keep your stuff off the floor, dry, and organized.

Move It Around As Needed

E-Track fittings clip easily in and out E-Track anywhere around your trailer. Move it around to keep stuff easily accessible. It also features reinforced eyelets so you can hang it on the exterior wall of the trailer or over a door.

Ready To Go

Hit the road with zero prep time. Flat, deep pockets grip your stuff securely in place even while driving down bouncy highways. Mesh pockets ensure that items stay dry and aired out during the ride.

California Residents: WARNING