Galvanized Vertical E-Track Rail

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Attaches to wall or floor for easy hauling, organizing and securing. Slots every 2" allow for perfect location for any strap or accessory


  • Rugged, durable & crush proof. WLL: 2000 lb.
  • Galvanized finish for rust resistance. Vertical orientation
  • Available in the following lengths: 4', 5' & 10'
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Length (configurable)
Width 3 1/2"
Color Silver
Material 12 Gauge Steel
Finish Galvanized
WLL (lb.) 2000
ABS (lb.) 6000
Orientation Vertical
Slot Length 2 1/2"
Slot Width 1"
Bolt Hole Diameter 1/4"

Vertical E-Track Tie-Down Rail For Cargo Securement In Trailers And Trucks

The E-Track trailer system can be used for all your cargo tie-down needs. These rails can easily be bolted to any surface, across the wall or floor of your cargo van, flatbed trailer, or your pickup truck bed. 1/4" diameter mounting holes are spaced at 2" intervals along the length sides of the rail. Logistic ratchet and cam buckle straps, motorcycle tie-downs, rope tie-offs, D rings, and other accessories with spring fittings can all be inserted into these E-Track slots with a press of a lever, making reliable load securement easy.

Galvanized Steel E-Track Vertical Rail

This vertical E-Track rail is made of 12 gauge heavy-duty steel, with a galvanized finish that delivers increased corrosion- and rust- resistance. It is available in 4, 5 and 10 foot lengths.

Galvanized E-Track Installation In Your Enclosed Trailer

Symmetrically aligned holes on these rails make this trailer E-Track easy to install on your flatbed or interior van trailer by using ¼" screws, bolts, or rivets. Be sure to align the e-tracks parallel to each other if more than one are utilized, this will guarantee that each end fitting is fitted into the same slot of each track. Ideally, every 3rd, 4th or 5th hole on each side of the E-Track should be anchored tightly to your trailer. After loading your goods into your trailer, slip each end fitting into the slots of the E-Track, and you should hear a 'click'.



2" X 6" Rope Tie-Off With E-Track Fitting2" X 6" Rope Tie-Off With E-Track Fitting
2" X 6" Rope Tie-Off With E-Track Fitting
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E-Track Wood Beam Socket
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E-Track 2" O-Ring Tie-down, Standard DutyE-Track 2" O-Ring Tie-down, Standard Duty
E-Track 2" O-Ring Tie-down, Standard Duty
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E-Track Storage Bag For TrailersE-Track Storage Bag For Trailers
E-Track Storage Bag For Trailers
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