E-Track Single Cargo Tie-Down Slot For Trucks, Pickups, Trailers, Docks; Black Powder Coated

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Add a tie-down point wherever you need one. E-Track plate serves as a reliable anchor point for E-Track straps and tie-downs.


  • Compatible with all E-Track accessories
  • Easy bolt-on installation (Installation hardware sold separately)
  • WLL: 1000 lb.
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Length 5 3/4"
Width 1"
Color Black
Material 3.5 mm steel
Finish Powder Coated
WLL (lb.) 1000
ABS (lb.) 3000

Advantages Of The Innovative E-Track Single

The E-Track single is the perfect solution for those who want to lock their load with straps but don't have the room or the need for an entire track. It can be used just about anywhere to protect every size load - whether a small grill or a full-sized motorcycle. Like a standard E-Track rail, the single can be mounted on a surface and used as an anchor point for ratchet straps, tie-offs, and other products equipped with E-Track fittings. The distinction is that this portable E-Track slot is significantly more variable. It can be placed in small spaces like tailgates, garages, corners of trailers, etc. and can be affixed in whichever direction necessary at the moment, then changed later for a new use. The E-Track single is a most handy device that can make transport and stowage of cargo considerably simpler.

E-TrackSingle Trailer Plate Durability And Specs

This 5-3/4" long and 1" wide E-Track single is made of hardy 3.5 mm steel that will tolerate rough elements and heavy use for years and is painted a smooth black finish. It has a break strength of 3,000 lb. and a working load limit of 1,000 lb. It is also available in a zinc-plated style, which improves corrosion- and rust-resistance.

How To Use The E-Track Single Slot

To fasten the E-Track single to any metal or wood surface, use bolts and nuts or screws. Our E-Track hardware kit comes with enough fasteners for installing two single slots

Once the single is mounted, connect logistic straps, wheel nets, rope tie-offs and steel tie-downs, or any other equipment with simple E-Track fittings to the E slot to contain anything from small toys to tables. When you are done with the load, just remove the E-Track single and re-drill where needed. Versatile and easy!

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