E-Track Single Cargo Tie-Down Anchor Slot, Zinc Plated Steel

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Add a tie-down point wherever you need one. E-Track plate serves as a reliable anchor point for E-Track straps and tie-downs.


  • Compatible with all E-Track accessories
  • Easy bolt-on installation (Installation hardware sold separately)
  • WLL: 1000 lb.
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Length 5 3/4"
Width 1"
Color Silver
Material 3.5 mm steel
Finish Zinc Plated
WLL (lb.) 1000
ABS (lb.) 3000

E-TrackSingle Tie-Down Anchor Features

When you need to transport fishing gear in your pick-up truck, you don't want or need a long E-Track rail but you may still require the versatility and reliability of the E-Track tie-down system. This portable E-Track single by Snap-Loc will bring that all together. It is a 1" wide and 0.5" high E-Track slot that can be mounted anywhere. That's anywhere - on tailgates, in garages, in small corners, etc. Because mounting this slot just requires two screws or bolts, it can be easily uninstalled and refastened elsewhere when needed. The simplicity of the Snap-Loc single makes it a dream come true for all cargo movers. Whether you are a professional trucker or simple motorcycle driver, you will find that this portable E-Track single will make transport of your goods so much simpler.

E-TrackRail Single Specs

This 5-3/4" long and 1" wide E-Track single is made of hardy 3.5 mm steel that will tolerate rough elements and heavy use for years and is zinc-plated, improving corrosion- and rust-resistance. It has a break strength of 3,000 lb. and a working load limit of 1,000 lb. It is also available painted a smooth black finish.

How To Use E-Track Trailer Single Slot

To fasten the E-Track single tie-down slot to any metal or wood surface, check out our selection of bolts and screws. Click to view our E-Track hardware kit for single slots.

Once your single tie-down anchor is attached, click in logistic straps, rope tie-offs and tie-downs, J hooks, or any other equipment with E-Track fittings to the single slot to hold everything from small toys to tables. When you are done with the load, simply remove the track single and re-drill where needed.

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