Tool Holder For E-Track, 2 Pack

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Small, yet hardy E-Track tool stabilizers hold your long-handled tools, keeping them off the floor, secure, and accessible.


  • Heavy-duty steel holders easily secure heavy tools.
  • Front opening flexes so tools can snap in and out.
  • Inner clearance: 1.5". Quantity: 2
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Color -
Material Steel
Finish PVC covered
Mounting style E-Track
Front Opening 0.87
Outer Diameter 2 1/2"
Quantity 2


  • Round holders perfect for brooms, pipe wrenches, sledgehammers, pry bars, shovels, cargo bars, or piping.
  • Front opening flexes to allow tools to conveniently snap in and out.
  • E-Track fittings can be easily moved from one E-Track slot to another.
  • For added stabilization, use in pairs. Click one holder higher up on the handle, and another one lower down.
  • Use with a tool hanger to stabilize the lower part of the handle.

4.5" J Hook E Track Trailer Fitting4.5" J Hook E Track Trailer Fitting
4.5" J Hook E Track Trailer Fitting
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E-Track Tool Hanger, Heavy-DutyE-Track Tool Hanger, Heavy-Duty
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Extra-Wide E-Track Tool Hanger, Heavy-DutyExtra-Wide E-Track Tool Hanger, Heavy-Duty
Extra-Wide E-Track Tool Hanger, Heavy-Duty
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