E-Track Wheel Strap

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Secure your vehicle to your car hauler or trailer in minutes with E-Track tire straps. Ideal for cars, jeeps, and ATV's


  • Industrial-grade webbing with protective Cordura sleeve
  • 3 adjustable rubber cleats to provide grip
  • Length: ". Width: 2". WLL: 3333 lb. Fits 14" - 18" wheels
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Length 11'
Width 2"
Color Yellow
Material Polyester
Metal Parts Steel
WLL (lb.) 3333
ABS (lb.) 10000
Strap Type Ratchet
End Fitting E-Track fitting


The weight of the cargo should not exceed the combined working load limit of the straps. For example, use 4 straps with a WLL of 500 lb. each to safely secure a 2000 lb. load. We recommend tying down all four tires when hauling a vehicle.


  • Over-the-wheel tie-down strap lets you secure your vehicle without having to get underneath. Ideal for cars, jeeps, tractors, and ATV's.
  • 3 adjustable rubber cleats grip the tire treads to provide stability.
  • E-Track O-rings snap directly into E-Track for easy positioning.
  • Second E-Track O-ring keeps the ratchet away from the wheel for easy tightening.
  • Long-lasting features include industrial-grade polyester webbing, protective Cordura sleeve, and zinc-plated steel parts.
  • Fits 14"-18" standard wheels.
  • E-Track not included.

Easy To Use

  1. Install 2 rows of E-Track running the full length of your vehicle so the tires are directly centered on the E-Track. Alternatively, you can install one 4’ E-Track rail under each wheel of the vehicle.
    1. Park the tires directly onto the E-Track system.
    2. Clip the first E-Track fitting on the strap into the E-Track rail.
    3. Wrap the strap over the tire, adjusting the rubber blocks to your desired position.
    4. Clip the second e-track fitting into the E-Track rail (and thus create another anchor point which moves the ratchet away from the tire).
    5. Attach the ratchet end of the strap to the E-Track, feed the slack webbing and tighten down.

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