Orange E Track Slot Protectors

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Plastic slot-protector prevents dust and small items from falling into not-in-use E-Track slots.


  • Compatible with all E-Track rails
  • Color: Orange
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Width 2 3/4"
Color Orange
Material Plastic

Orange E-TrackSlot Protectors

You don't use every slot of your E-Track at once and sometimes, you don't use the whole rail for a while. However, if left untouched, dust will gather in the slots, causing long-term damage to your rail and loosening the hold to your vehicle's wall or floor. In addition, open slots can become a black hole into which little items fall and disappear, only to get in the way when trying to attach a ratchet strap, load bar, or any other E-Track cargo restraint.

Horizontal And Vertical E-TrackSlot Covers

Plastic E-Track slot protectors present the convenient solution. At just 21⁄4" long and 11⁄4" wide, they fit the slots of horizontal and vertical E tracks. They can be banged in with a hammer and will maintain a firm grip on the slot. To remove, use a Phillips screwdriver to pick them up and out. These slot fillers can only be reused a few times so buy several at a time and keep them on hand. This way, when your E-Track rail is out of season, you can ensure it will be up to par when the need arrives.