20 Pack Cargo Edge Protectors To Go

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Protects cargo from getting crushed, and protects straps from sharp edges.


  • Ultra-durable, yet flexible enough to withstand tension
  • Width: 11", Height: 4.5". Fits straps up to 4"
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Width 11"
Depth 4 1/2"
Color Red
Material Plastic
Fits strap size (max) 4"
Quantity 20

V Board Cargo Edge Protectors

Tie-down straps and chains exert pressure on cargo loads, creating the risk that said tie-downs might destroy valuable freight. Plastic V board corner protectors minimize that risk. They are smooth, durable boards that extend over the edges of the loads. They are intended to be placed under cargo tie-down straps and chains so the strain gets redistributed over the whole board, resulting in minimal indentation in cargo. V board portable edge guards are also great for cushioning strap tie-downs from sharp load edges and preventing cuts and wear.

Portable V Boards To Go 20 Pack

These V board corner guards to go are user-friendly, storage-easy, and versatile. They are 11" long and extend 4" down the side and over the top of the load. V board edge bumpers are made of a hardy high density polyethylene that can withstand extreme impact and weather conditions. They are very simple to use. Place the V over the top edge of the cargo and pull the straps over the load. Their small size makes for perfect strap shields on mixed or uneven, spaced cargo loads, such as steel pipes, machinery, furniture, and drums.