Tie-down Winch/ratchet Strap Rollup Winder

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Easily wind straps for storage & organization.


  • Saves time and energy
  • Lightweight but strong steel construction
  • Fits straps up to 4"
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Using A Tiedown Strap Winder In Your Truck, Trailer, Rv, Warehouse, Dock, Flatbed

Every trucker knows that keeping straps and other tiedowns organized is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. But how many of us have the patience, time, and energy to roll up those long and wide straps every time?

The strap winder is perfect for every truck and trailer operator, from amateur to professional. Whether you've got thirty straps on your flatbed or just two sitting in your truck cargo box, you know that a strap winder will make it SO MUCH EASIER to work with your straps.

Winder For Tie-Down Straps Up To 4" Wide

This strap winder can easily wind up winch straps up to 4" wide. It is made of super strength steel and finished with a thick coat of black powder paint. With a weight of just 3 pounds and immeasurable benefit, this strap winder is a purchase you'll appreciate for the rest of your trucking career.

How-To Assemble (Installing Is Easy And Doesn'T Include Any Hardware):

Insert the threaded edge of the Z bar through the tunnel at the end of the winder.

Screw on the spool (spokes facing outward) all the way.

Loop over a stake pocket or side rail that is up to 1/2" thick. Bolt the securing bar until the winder is immovable.

Pull the loose end of the strap through the spool and fold the webbing over one spoke.

Hold the strap in place and begin turning the spool over the loose end. Keep winding around until the strap is rolled up.

Slide the rolled up strap right off.