Ratchet Straps W/ Integrated Soft-loops Motorcycle Tie-downs

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Trailer your bike with confidence with these motorcycle ratchet straps. Soft-loops ensure your cargo is not damaged.


  • Powerful ratcheting mechanism & integrated soft-loops
  • Strong snap-hooks. Can be used as standard strap as well
  • Length: 8' WLL: 1000 lbs. Multipack. Quantity: 4
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Length 8'
Width 1 1/2"
Color Orange
Material Polyester
WLL (lb.) 1000
ABS (lb.) 3000
Strap Type Ratchet
End Fitting Snap hook
Quantity 4

Trailering your bike and worried about your bike falling over or hooks scratching your chrome? These ratchet straps hold down your bike for the long haul – conveniently and slip-free – so you can travel with your mind at ease.

Heavy-Duty Tie-Downs – Soft On Your Bike

The thick, sturdy straps feature a powerful ratcheting mechanism and a working load limit (WLL) of 1000 lb. each, so you can haul your bike around for thousands of miles without worrying about a strap working loose.The locking snap hooks at the ends gives you peace of mind even on the bumpiest of roads.

Here’s How To Trailer Your Bike:

Find 2 rigid points on the front of your bike – either on the frame or the triple trees, and loop 2 ratchet straps around them. To create the soft-loop extensions, hook the snap-hooks into the sewn-in D-rings.

Insert the other ratchet strap ends into to your 2 front trailer anchor points, twisting the straps as you attach them to eliminate wind noise. The straps should be pulling forward and down, not to the side.


The Ratchet Strap With Soft-Loop