Recessed D-Ring Tie-down Anchor, Small Galvanized Square Pan Fitting | + Mounting Plate + Bolts

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Strong tie-down point to secure any cargo. Perfect for trucks, trailers or anywhere you need to keep stuff in place.


  • Recesses into floor to lie flush when not in use
  • Forged steel, 1166 lbs. WLL
  • Ring inner clearance: 1 3/8". Bolts down
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Length 4"
Width 3 3/4"
Color Silver
Material Steel
Finish Galvanized
WLL (lb.) 1166
ABS (lb.) 3498
Bond Type Bolt
Inner length 1 3/8"


  • Heavy duty anchors secure mowers, bikes, and heavy cargo
  • Recesses into trailer floor when not in use to keep floor smooth and trip free
  • Rotates 90° to give you multiple strapping angles
  • Weep hole allows for water drainage
  • Includes backing plate, and (4) 1/4" diameter, 2 1/2" long carriage bolts with lock nuts and washers.

Trailer Flush Mount D-Ring Cargo Tie-Down Anchor

When you need a secure and convenient cargo tie-down anchor, choose this flush mount D-Ring and mounting plate installation kit. The galvanized D-Ring has a square recessed pan that gets bolted into your wooden trailer floor, keeping your surface even and avoiding the hazards of people tripping and freight snagging. The D-Ring lies flush in the pan when not in use and can be lifted upward for use as a cargo tie-down anchor.

Flush Mount D-Ring Fittings Have Weep Holes In The Pans To Allow For Water Drainage. This D-Ring Is Galvanized To Resist Corrosion And Rust. Once Mounted, It Can Be Used To Secure Logistic Tie-Down Chains And Straps. Check Out Our Winch Straps, Ratchet Straps, Chains, And Chain Binders.

The 1/4"-20 diameter, 2.5" long round head carriage are made out of steel and plated with zinc for superior corrosion and rust resistance. They are Grade A ASTM A307.

The 1/4"-20 diameter, 3/8" thick lockwasher Keps (K) nuts have attached free spinning toothed serrated star washers. They are made out of steel and plated with zinc for superior corrosion and rust resistance. They conform to ANSI B1.1 Class 2B standards.

Installing And Using The Square Recessed D-Ring Pan Fitting

Use a hole saw and chisel to cut 2-5/16" x 2-11/16" hole in your wooden floor. Because the recessed pan fitting is deeper on one side, the hole should gradually advance from 9/16" deep to 1-1/16" deep. This recessed pan fitting has four pre-drilled holes - one in each corner. They are countersunk, with the holes narrowing on bottom and widening towards the surface, ensuring that the bolts remain flush with the surface and do not rise above it. Secure each bolt with a washer and nut on the other side of the mounting surface. This kit comes with the 4 installation bolts, nuts, and washers needed.


How To Install A Recessed D-Ring