Vertical E Track Plastic End Cap Protector, Black

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Plastic end-protector cap protects your cargo (and yourself!) from unfinished rail ends.


  • Compatible with vertical rails
  • Color: Black
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Width 2"
Depth -
Color Black
Material Plastic
Orientation Vertical

Vertical E-TrackBlack End Protectors

The end of your E-Track rail always presents the hazard of a black hole, where items may fall in and never be retrieved. Dust will naturally collect over time, eroding the effectiveness of your E-Track attachments. The open ends are also snagging hazards to which clothing and other items may get caught.

The vertical E-Track rail end cap makes it easy to remove these risks. At 2" wide and 1¾" high, the plastic vertical end protector fits perfectly into the E-Track end, giving it a solid finish that blocks all foreign objects from falling in and stops items from getting caught.

This vertical E-Track end cap is made of black hard plastic and it is available in orange too. Click for horizontal black and orange end protectors.