2" J Hook E Track Fitting Tiedown Truck Accessory

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Keep 2x4’s, power cords and equipment organized and within easy reach with our sturdy J-hook.


  • Strong, steel J-hook holds up to 400 lb.
  • Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Inner width: 2". Height: 4"
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Hook Height 1 3/4"
Material Steel
Finish Zinc Plated
WLL (lb.) 400
ABS (lb.) 1200
Mounting style E-Track
Front to back clearance 2"

Features Of Trailer Attachment J-Hook

Need a convenient place to leave ropes, straps, and cords without them getting all tangled and messy? Why not try a hook on the wall? How about one that clips right onto your E track? The E-Track J hook is a hardened steel piece that is finished with zinc, which improves corrosion- and rust-resistance. It is furnished with an E-Track spring fitting that gets snapped right onto any E-Track slot. Installing is a no-brainer and takes a moment.

Once your hook is up, you've got a spot to drop your ratchet straps, ropes, extension cords, etc. without worry about them knotting and jumbling. The J hook is also a handy catch for jackets, hats, and bags.

You can hoop an O ring or D ring around the hook and then slide ropes or straps through the rings. If you clip two or more hooks onto the track, you've got yourself a shelf that can support ladders, beams, bars, and lumber. If the items are less than 2" wide, they can be placed inside the hook's inner stretch and if they are wider, they can rest on top of the front rod of the hook. This hook is indeed versatile; it can be used to prop anything you need in your truck or trailer.

E-TrackJ-Hook Specs

The J hook is light, weighing in at less than a pound. The back of the hook - the rod with the E fitting attached - is 4" high and the front part of the hook is 1.75" high. Between the front and back is a 2" inner clearance in the square space where items get deposited. This hook is small, yet so practically useful with an assembly break strength of 1,200 lb.

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4.5" J Hook E Track Trailer Fitting
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