Rechargeable Magnetic Led Light Bar For Trailer

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This rechargeable, portable LED light bar mounts magnetically to your E-Track and lights up your entire trailer.


  • Strong magnet attaches to E-Track
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
  • 13" wide, 450 Lumens
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Width 13.4"
Depth 1.4"
Mounting style Magnetic


  • Mounts magnetically to E-Track or any ferrous metal surface in your trailer.
  • Cool white 450-Lumen light can light up an entire area with ease.
  • Remove easily to use as portable light source.
  • Fast, convenient recharge with included USB cord.
  • provides the perfect light for every job.
  • High-capacity battery 10400mAh lithium battery for up to 80 hours of run-time per charge.
  • Ideal for interior lighting, projects, working on cars, camping, and emergency lighting during power outages.
  • Plus, can be used as power bank to charge phones, electric tools, etc.

Bring daylight into your trailer with this magnetic, rechargeable, portable 13.4 in. LED light bar. Built-in magnets on both ends mount onto E-Track rails to give you 450 lumens of hands-free lighting anywhere you need it. Leave it in one place, move it around the E-Track as needed, or grab it off to use as an on-the-go flashlight and return it when you're done. Great for projects, repairs, and for emergency lighting during power outages. It’s powered by a high-capacity 10400mAh Li-ion battery, so you get up to 80 hours of use between charges. Recharge it with USB charging (USB cord included). The perfect lightweight, portable light source for your trailer, garage, workshop, or outdoors.

California Residents: WARNING